Mesabi Symphony Orchestra



About Us

We are the people of Mesabi Symphony Orchestra. We are your friends, your neighbors, your kids’ teachers, people you worship with, people you see every day. We are united by our love of music.

We are not professional musicians, although many of us are music teachers. We count among our members an attorney, a surgeon, a chaplain, a flight instructor, two data miners, a barista, a farmer, a retail store manager, a dog agility photographer, a geologist, a biologist, a nonprofit executive, a state legislator, a librarian, a graphic artist, several college students, two piano teachers, a choir director, a ski instructor, a rock climber, a WWII veteran who played in General MacArthur’s band, an orchestra teacher, and eight active or retired band directors.

Every Monday evening, we come together to rehearse so we can bring great classical music to Iron Range communities.