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Like most people, I had struggled with my finances. I either didn’t make enough or I didn’t properly manage my finances when I did make enough. Financial fights with my wife often occurred whenever we dared to talk about it. The way we were handling our finances caused a major strain on our relationship with each other and it was extremely stressful for the both of us. It just had to change, and it did.

We now have a healthy perspective of finances and manage it well. We also communicate well with each other. The most amazing thing is this has put me in a place to guide you through your situations, regardless of where you are with your finances.

I also am a former Financial Advisor with Edward Jones. I have led and continue to lead several Financial Peace University classes, have gone through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coach Masters Training and am a Ramsey Financial Coach. . Because my heart leads me to helping people change their attitudes and behaviors toward real transformation with their finances, I have chosen the career of being a financial coach.