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NewRange Copper Nickel



About Us

We are Poly Met Mining, Inc., the wholly owned subsidiary of PolyMet Mining Corp., a publicly-traded mine development company (together, “PolyMet”). We are preparing to mine copper, nickel and precious metals from the NorthMet ore body, located near Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota, using modern, responsible and sustainable practices.

Mining is the backbone of our region. Many of our families have been part of the local community for generations and care deeply for the region. We are committed to doing this right.

After an extensive environmental review and permitting process, we have obtained permits (subject to ongoing litigation) to construct and operate the mine, modernize and reactive processing facilities on our site that were formerly used in iron ore operations, and address legacy issues associated with those operations.

We will do this with a leadership and development team that has decades of experience developing and operating mines safely and responsibly.

We look forward to producing these essential metals, creating good jobs, fulfilling our promises, and extending the rich mining heritage of the state.

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