Kunnari's Kitchen & Coffee House



About Us

We couldn’t be happier that you’ve stopped in or are thinking about doing so! When our restaurant opened in January of 2015, our story was already over 25 years in the making. In the Spring of 1989, Donn and Marilyn started farm operations with 6 acres of strawberries, and 5 little ones. Over the next few years the farm grew to include over 20 acres of produce, and the addition of 2 more babies!

When a fire completely wiped out our bakery in the fall of 2012, our family was faced with a challenge: should we assume this is the end of our market venture, or should we push to become bigger and better? “Kunnari’s Kitchen and Coffee House” is the result of much prayer and consideration, and the decision that we should persevere and make a positive offering to our community. We wanted to keep the “farmers market” feel throughout our restaurant, so we incorporated as much from family farms as possible. We built our menu with farm fresh eggs, big green leafy salads, tasty wraps, robust sandwiches and of course our moms bakery! Since opening our doors, we’ve grown our farmers market to include a wonderful gift shop that offers seasonal variety; and our kitchen to include catering for groups of 25 to greater than 300.

Our family was involved in local area farm markets, and in 2005 purchased land to open “Kunnari’s Farm Market”. We expanded to include, a bakery and fruits and vegetables from outside our immediate region, in the hopes of bringing more variety to our customers. This effort brought us to rural family farms, across the midwest, in search of the juiciest peaches, plumpest cherries, and the most crisp fall apples. As our market grew, it was evident that our customers enjoyed our moms bakery and canned goods as well. Her scrumptious pies, hearty breads, and warm blueberry muffins brought many in with regularity; and our shelves were stocked with her pickles, garden salsas, jams and jellies.

We’ve learned and grown a lot in the past few years, and we’ve really enjoyed belonging to a community that has been so supportive. We’re so grateful for the friendship of our customers, and their love and appreciation is a blessing to us. We look forward to many years ahead of making more connections, please feel invited and welcomed back any time you please.