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Iron Range Rotary Club

About Us

Rotarians are people united worldwide, who provide humanitarian svc., encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, & help build goodwill & peace.

We meet every Wednesday at NOON at Natural Harvest in Virginia.

Community Activities/Events:
*We serve holiday meals at the Salvation Army as well as provide a donation every month to assist them with providing the food for these meals.
*We have Rotary Park and pay for maintenance and the upkeep of the flags and benches there.
*We sponsor two students to RYLA Camp annually, Rotary Youth Leadership Academy.
*We along with Rotary Apartments sponsor the Rock Ridge Ethics Workshop annually. Rotary Apartments pays for the financial costs and Rotary Members serve as the facilitators for this workshop.
*We provide two $1500 scholarships annually and two $750 Scholarships annually. This is our John Damberg Community Service Scholarship. Two $750 are presented to Mesabi North/Mesabi Range Students. Two $1500 are present to area High School Students.
*We provide a $200 scholarship to a student who has entered our 4-Way Essay Contest.
*Gary Carlson Memorial Kids Fishing Contest. Free of charge to children with over $6000 in gifts and prizes. Scheduled for 6/6/2024 this year.
*We sponsor and volunteer for Highway Clean Up on Highway 53 twice per year.
*Other donations: We provide approximately $12000 in donations locally for varying organizations
*World Projects: We support Rotary International Projects financially as well. Our latest project was a donation for access to Fresh Water in Africa.

*Annual Steve's Hamburgers at Land of the Loon. Scheduled for 6/15 and 6/16, this year.
*Chili Cook Off: Scheduled for 9/19 this year. A fun event and our biggest fundraiser.
*Rotary Review: Our second biggest fundraiser. Usually in October.

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